travel agency
Primo Turziam is a tourist agency from Makarska, Croatia, with several luxury apartments, boats, and a small submarine. As the apartments where finished building and decorating, they were in need of a visual identity of the new company, and a place where they could display the assets and manage the booking process.
Primo Turizam offers luxury apartments right on the beach in the heart of Makarska. They are located in a brand new building that was built from the ground up according to the highest standards. In their offer you can also find excursions with a semi-submarine in order to have a complete experience of the marine world that lies beneath.
At the drawing board, the image that was constantly popping into our heads was the beautiful Elan sailboat which the company has for booking. Open sea, full sails... That was definitely the way to go.
Choosing colours was an easy task, because everything was sea oriented, so we went with a combination of blue colours and a secondary grey. Customer wanted a modern font that would go well with all promotion materials, so we chose Nexa Light font.
As mentioned above, that Elan sailboat was the image we had in mind. The motive of open sails in two colours gave the logo that tourism look with a dash of luxury that instantly connects with the Mediterranean location, full of extraordinary sights for tourist.
Combining two different fonts in the name reveals that the company isn’t just about giving you accommodation, but putting some fun into your vacation with lots of activities Makarska has to offer.
3. WEB D&D
The look of the website continued the same look and luxury feel with some small details like anchors, starfish and sea horses. Having such beautiful interior of the apartments and great pictures made the process much easier and delivered great results at the end. Beside apartments, the client has several yachts and sailboats in his fleet that gave a perfect finish to the design of the page.
Putting the looks aside, the main developing challenge was implementing the booking system into our CMS. Tourists can now directly book an apartment or a boat from the agency’s website, with no 3rd party services that charge extra fees. Customer has a full view of the services with all details and calendar booking appointments that are very simple and easy to use.
From our client’s perspective, it has never been easier. All the bookings are placed inside of the CMS, ranging from date, selected accommodation, the number of people, etc. With just a click he is presented with all the necessary information about the customer for easy registration and contact.