night club
Pacifico Night Bar settled its unique atmosphere in the very town centre of Mali Lošinj. The idea of an exclusive night bar in the Lošinj and Cres Island area was born in 2012 by a group of young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs from the Lošinj Island. The main idea of the bar is to be a place where everyone can feel comfortable which is the main idea of the bar interior designer and architect Zoran Sladoljev. Since it is situated on the island that is known for its sailors, Pacifico Night Bar is everyone’s, but especially yacht clientele, favourite destination.
Pacifico founded its recognizable logo and visual identity on all the sailors who have strongly affected the growth and the developement of this bar as well. Pacifico Night Bar is a place where young and interesting people have time of their life along with recognizable sounds of the world’s and Croatia’s best DJs such as Nikki Belucci, Paolo Barbato & Stefano Munari, Rydel, Kosta Radman, DJ Thalia, Jurki and many others.
Pacifico is proud of its story, unique decore and clubbing experience, so the web page had to reflect that with a clean and modern look and a pinch of sailor in it. Using full width elements we created a clean structure and a place for headings and related pictures. The whole page uses a lot of horizontal and vertical lines that make a fluid connection between different sections.
The site offers a look of the story behind the people and the bar, upcoming events and picture galleries of past events as well as a 360 degree panorama of the whole bar.
Beside the story of the club, and what it has to offer, focus had to be on events and galleries. Events are displayed horizontally by date, with all necessary information and Facebook event cover. As for the galleries page, they are each separated by event and have a few pictures regarding that date. Inside each you can find all the pictures taken that night. All information are available in two languages, English and Russian, as they were selected for a target audience on the Island of Mali Lošinj.
A unique club like Pacifico deserves a unique design of marketing materials. We’ve created business cards, envelops, memos, multipurpose party flyers and Facebook covers as well as custom designs for selected events. There were also gift designs and manufacturing of lighters, iPhone cases, towels etc.
One of our favourites that we proudly present in our office is Niki Belucci event. Combining the artist’s picture with triangle elements and Pacifico’s colours looks just stunning.
Adria Dock is a festival powered by Pacifico that features 3 Italian DJ-s. The festival took place on Mali Lošinj in August. We came up with the name for the festival, logo and all visual designs. The name Adria Dock was a perfect fit for the geolocation of the festival as well as the time of the year when it’s held. The main stars were Steve Supreme, Paolo Barbato and Stefano Munari, each entertaining one night.