The School of Medicine in Zagreb is a Croatian medical school affiliated with the University of Zagreb. It is the oldest and the biggest of the four medical schools in Croatia having been established in 1917 with 1,775 students enrolled as of 2008. The school was originally envisioned as one of four founding members of the modern University of Zagreb in the Croatian Parliament's piece of legislation. The university was officially inaugurated by Ivan Mažuranić on 19 October 1874. However, the School of Medicine's official launch was postponed due to lack of funding. This situation prolonged and the school had to wait for more than 40 years to open its doors to students. The very first lecture was held on 12 January 1918 and was delivered by professor Drago Perović.
Each year has its own congress theme that visuals reflect to. In 2014 it was Oncology and the goal was making that hard theme as pleasant as possible. We went with green and a bold font that had radiotherapy rays on number zero. Next year, in 2015, the theme was infectology which is full of microscopic organisms and viruses so the approach was a bit more modern filled with neon colours. In front of the congress title we put a virus that soon became the face of congress that year.
As mentioned above, we were dealing with two different congress themes that both have distinctive design directions. Cross10 was content based with lots of information about lectures, history of the congress, etc. Next year’s Cross11 offered more modern elements with lot’s of full width pictures, geometric shapes, colour contrasts and parallax effects, but not reducing any information from viewers. In the slider bellow you can see the difference between CROSS in 2014 and CROSS in 2015.
The biggest part of developing both websites was implementing the registration system. It had to be rock solid because we are dealing with a couple hundred applicants in under a minute when the registration timer reaches zero. Applicants could apply to their additional class and get extra points as well as register their scientific papers and present them to the lecturers at that year’s congress.
So for this case, we’ve built a web app that live tracked all the registrations and automatically sent notifications to the organising committee as well as built a list of applicants that made the cut and were rewarded those extra points.
Beside the different theme, both had a long list of visuals like posters, flyers, agendas, a book of abstracts, binders, pens, etc and a specific gift. In 2014 it was a coffee mug with a printed logo and a ribbon and in 2015 it was a cute plexiglass virus keychain.