fashion store
Little Big People is a fashion startup with a simple idea - combining top freelance fashion designers into one brand and offering their creations through a web shop to the world. They are a young team of fashion enthusiasts based in Zagreb, Croatia with designers all over the world, industriously preparing their Indiegogo campaign.
Serious, but loose. Modern, but classic. Not just for women, but men too. There were lots of variables to fill and a big focus group to consider. The best way to make a visual statement in this project was with letters, without a separate motive that could be linked with the company. After settling on that, three colours were chosen that are appealing to both genders and a large age group -desaturated blue, strong cyan and cyan-lime green.
Having a big name required making the logo in different sizes, one using the full name, and one with initials LBP. Playing around with both lead to a unified logo that used the full name of the company with initials in a shape of a brush stroke in the background.
That one was a huge successes in tests with the social groups. Great results made the job a lot easier, so we took the time to play around with initials in different backgrounds and using stroke brushes with patterns - not just colours.
Before the campaign launch, we made several visual statements which the company will pursue their goals on later on.