travel agency
Fun Factory is a travel agency oriented towards young people that like to party and travel at the same time. They combine 4 student travel brands - Trip ’N’ Fun, Studentijada, Balkan Fun and Summer Fun - into one and are officially part of the Fun Group.
They provide unforgettable trips all around Europe that are carefully planned to every single detail with lots of fun and memories that will last a lifetime. The most famous ones are to Beograd - Serbia.
After making the decision to merge all brands into one, they asked us to make a brand out of the agency as well as a website and online booking system.
There were only two request on the path of creating the perfect logo. The first one was that it had to be playful and scream fun, and the second one was to be blended in a wheel and a travel motive. The rest of the decisions were on us.
Firstly, we choose a font that fit the description and then played with colours. With the clients approval we picked orange and blue, purple for the background and pinkish red for the upcoming titles.
As mentioned above, we had to blend a wheel and a travel motive in. The wheel was the easy part, but finding the perfect travelling motive took some time because it had to be special and unique. After some thought, we settled on an air balloon that was tied to the wheel (letter O). Combining orange and blue we made a distinct contrast between the two words in the company’s name that look great in a dark background as well as a light one.
3. WEB D&D
Just like the branding part, the web site also had to be cheerful as it is meant to target young people. At this part the client wanted big pictures to be in the focus. Going with full width parallax images was a must, but we had to avoid large cites with empty space, so we combined circles in the middle that contain relevant information depending on which page you are currently viewing.
Just like filling spaces in images, the client wasn’t keen on blank white spaces outside of the containers, so we put motives from the logo - air balloons and wheels. From every page you are offered various trips that you can directly book and get all the information regarding that specific trip. Besides booking and browsing through trips, you can also look at pictures from past trips as well as events.
Responsive web design
Online booking
Custom CMS build
The idea with the circle inside of an image stuck around for another round, now with posters, flyers and Facebook covers. Making a simple, but effective wireframe for the Facebook cover look. Depending on the size, different layouts contain different information, but all contain two large images from each side, an image inside a circle, trip destination, date and price.