web shop
With the gross of online payments in Croatia, a company named Clock Box decided to increase their business through a web shop that sells hand watches for men and women. They wanted a website that is clean and modern with no distractions and unnecessary elements, just their watch collection with an integrated shop that is available all over the world.
Just like the clients wanted, we made a design that is only focused on products with a clean user interface and no unnecessary steps to make a purchase. With a classic and clean look combining only three colours, you can find it easy to navigate and find a product that suits you by having a navigation bar for different watch brands and a price selection.
When selecting a model, you are presented with all the necessary information regarding the model with different pictures and other suggested models as well as a brief history of the manufacturer. By keeping things this simple, we avoided losing a customer bouncing around the page reading blog posts or watch reviews.
Adding products in the cart and purchasing was also done as simply as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are a new customer or a regular one - if you don’t want to register, you don’t have to. Simply fill all the necessary information and choose a delivery and a payment option. After the first purchase, the system remembers the client’s information and the next time it will auto fill if you forget to sign up first.